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Kindergarten Science Standards

Red Poppies
Red Poppies

Red Wiggler Worms

Mrs. Geis's class learned about Red Wigglers and how they make compost out of food scraps. Please see Do the Rot Thing created by Alameda County Waste Management Authority to see the printouts that we used.

Red Wigglers - The compost worm

Lesson Plans Locker
10/30/09 6:30 PM
10/31/09 12:04 AM
8/3/11 11:56 AM
10/12/09 10:28 AM
3/29/10 7:30 PM

Kindergarten Lessons

Kindergarten Gardening

Kindergarten Curriculum: Students explore the wonders of seeds, water and soil, garden snacks and cooking, working in the garden, and the animals and bugs with whom we share the garden.

Gardening with Kindergarteners can be refreshing and challenging.  They look at the world with a fresh and curious point of view.  Keep your groups small, 5 to 10 kids at a time for about 15 to 30 minutes.  Here is a typical year with Kindergarten gardening:

Fall Lessons:

It is important to get the garden started in early October.  Alameda is know for it's Mediterranean Climate which is mild and great for winter gardens.

Week 1:  Introduction and Rules of the Garden

Week 2:  Prepare garden bed for planting harvest seeds.

Week 3:  Lesson: What does a plant need to grow? Start planting seeds.

November: Counting Pumpkin Seeds and Sorting Leaves

fall lessons

Winter Lessons:

Planting seeds indoors in starter pots and windows.

Spring Summer Lessons:

Lesson: Five Senses in the Garden - Last year we had our Kindergarteners make a book called 5 Senses in the Garden. 

spring summer lessons

We used 11x17 paper, copied the headings on to each page, and then folded them into books and stapled them. The students then colored a picture of how they used each sense while in the garden.  They heard birds, touched worms, tasted  vegetables, smelled flowers and saw ladybugs.  Whatever it was, they had a great memory of their year in the garden.  For instructions on how to fold your little book, see Little Book Instructions. See the slideshow below to see an example.

Lesson: My Favorite Thing About Gardening

Eating Lemon Sorrel
Eating Lemon Sorrel
Ms. Sanderson's Class
Ms. Sanderson's Class
Cooking Rhubarb Sauce
Cooking Rhubarb Sauce
Miss Hester's Class - Snail Hunters
Snail Hunt
Mrs. Geis's Class Planting Seeds
Mrs. Geis's Class Planting Seeds