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Icicle Radish
icicle radis
Hercules the Worm
Hercules the Worm
Thank you to the Cub Scouts for our new garden beds!
Thank you to the Boy Scouts for our new garden beds!

Contact Information

If you would like to volunteer in the garden or find out how to get involved, please contact

Valentines for the Birds
Valentines for the Birds
Stir Fry for Miss Hester's Class
Stir Fry for Miss Hester's Class
Stir Fry Radishes & Greens
Stir Fry Radishes & Greens

Outdoor Learning Center

Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) Overview

The Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) is funded by the fabulous Bay Farm PTA.  Every student has the opportunity to grow, harvest, cook and eat fresh food in the garden.  Each grade does age-appropriate activities that build on the prior year and connect to what they're learning in the classroom - science, history, math, writing, reading, and the visual and performing arts.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Kindergarten through fifth graders will have garden class every week!  Middle school students have a weekly lunchtime club.  We also have monthly garden workdays outside of school time, and the support of parent volunteers throughout makes it possible for the Garden Teacher to keep the program running smoothly.  For more information about the OLC or to get involved, please contact our Garden Teachers at See you in the garden!

Sketching Poppies
The Bay Farm Elementary Outdoor Learning Center Teachers
Farmers Market
Miss Sarah at the Farmers Market with her student helpers.

Bay Farm Goes Green

Thank you to our Bay Farm PTA Go - Green Committee.  Now our kids have bright bowls to eat their garden recipes in.  No more waste!

Click here to learn more.

Coffee Bags provided by Mr. Espresso

Coffee Bags

A big thank you to Mr. Espresso for providing coffee bags to mulch our garden areas.


Students: On days that you have gardening, please wear closed-toe shoes, weather-appropriate clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, and always bring a water bottle. Be ready to work hard, try new things, learn from the garden and each other and have fun!

Parents: The garden class schedule will be published in early September, when garden classes begin. Please check with your child's teacher for specific dates and changes. We'd love to see you during your child's garden class or at an upcoming workday!  Since we do a lot of eating in garden class, please make sure that the office has been notified of your child's food allergies.  Upcoming events are announced during Friday’s morning ceremony, and are posted on Konstella. 


This garden is your garden!  If you'd like to teach a guest lesson on a special topic, want to take on a planting or infrastructure project, or are interested in adopting a garden for a week or more over the fall, winter, spring or summer breaks, please get in touch.

Thank you, and I look forward to growing together!

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

pumkin Seed

Gotta love those roasted pumpkin seeds! The 1st through 3rd grade classes got to make the Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe in the Outdoor Learning Center. The students love to taste the different flavors of seeds, and take polls of the favorite flavor.  The only problem, is most kids choose ALL OF THEM.  Here is the recipe if you are interested in roasting some yourself.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe

 Pumpkin Seeds 2

Salad Bar

Students love to create a salad bar with their harvest. No leftovers here!  Yummy!

Salad Bar