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I'd Rather Be Happy - choreography

Just for Fun choreography


Happy (music video)


Start Your Day With a Song - Choreography


Start Your Day with a Song choreography

We've Got Heart - Choreography


Bay Farm School Song!


Tune “When the Saints Go Marching In” 

Oh Bay Farm School, we love you so

We love to work and learn and grow

We are the Dolphins and we’re proud

So let’s sing it really loud!


Oh Bay Farm School, we’re filled with peace

Our school test scores always increase

We listen and we work hard

And behave out on the yard!


At Bay Farm School, we have respect

For teachers, students, and our desk

We choose to have a really great day

At Bay Farm School, that is our way!

Song Lyrics

Just One Person (lyrics)

If just one person believes in you

Deep enough and strong enough, believes in you

Hard enough and long enough,

Before you know it, someone else would think,

If he can do it, I can do I,


Making it two.

Two whole people who believe in you.

And if two whole people believe in you,

Deep enough and strong enough, believe in you,

Hard enough and long enough,

There’s bound to be some other person who believes in making it a threesome


Making it three.

People you can say

Believe in me.

And if three whole people,

Why not four?

And if four whole people,

Why not more, and more, and more?


And when all those people believe in you,

Deep enough and strong enough believe in you,

Hard enough and long enough,

It stands to reason,

You, yourself, would start to see what everybody sees in you.

Then maybe even you, ---------can believe in you -----------too

Bonnie Nelson Duffey

Music K8 Magazine Art Contest 2015/16

Music K8 Magazine Art Contest WINNERS are Brandon Chu - First Place! Autumn Corpening Lupo - Second Place!  Egan Lau - Third Place!  Jade Ah-Hing and Emma Park - Tied for Fourth Place!  Congrats to all!  All of the entries, not just the winning ones, are sent on to the national contest.  We will know in May if any of our artists are acknowledged by the magazine.

What does NED mean?

Never give up!

Encourage others!

Do your best!

Music Classes at Bay Farm

Welcome to the Bay Farm Music website!  

The 2015-16 school year is here!. It's a fabulous year!

6th graders will have a unit of beginning ukulele during music class on Thursdays. The elementary students will continue to have music class with me as usual with all the fun songs and performances possible!

On this website you will find links for websites, lyrics to some songs, and event information, along with what we are doing in some of our music classes.  Most of the items I have added for the students are in the section "Bonnie Nelson Duffey Locker".  If it is a song, it should download into your itunes file as an MP4.  If you have troubles with any part of this website or have any suggestions,  please contact me at

Each grade 1st through 6th gets one hour of music class a week.  1st through 3rd have a split with pe twice a week and 4th through 6 th get their music all at once with pe being on a different day.

I would like to hear information about upcoming plays and other performances that our students are involved in, so I can list it on this site.  Please send me an email with performance information to post.

4th grade students will learn to play recorders.   They are expected to bring them home to practice.  They are also  expected to bring recorders and music folders to music class each week.  The best idea?  Let recorders and folders "live" in their backpacks.  Then they are always there when needed for practice AND always there when needed for class.   Recorders are free to use, but I allow them to be purchased for $6 cash if desired.

5th grade students will also be responsible for bringing recorders and folders to class each week unless I inform them otherwise.  

Several of the classroom teachers will be producing musical plays with their classes.  I always agree to help any teacher who is interested in putting on a play.

We are looking forward to spreading ukulele joy again this year!

You'll find song lyrics on this page, links to lyrics on the right side - and for more song lyrics click on the upper left had corner "Song Lyrics".  If there are songs that aren't included yet, send me an email and I'll add more.  There are links to websites with games to practice music skills and choreography on the right side of the page.

Always keep a song in your heart !



www.themusicinteractive has a game called Staffwars that is a great way to practice note reading skills.  There are other music games on the site that are filled with musical fun.  Enjoy!  It is also available as an app.