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Juliann Chang

Welcome to the Resource Room

The Resource Room exists to help your student have access to the core curriculum at your child's grade level.  Students come to the resource room to get extra help in reading, writing, and math so that they can keep up with what is going on in the general education class. We have two staff members in the resource room.  Juliann Chang is the resource teacher with a Specialization in Mild to Moderate.  Tonya Fradella is the resource paraprofessional, who also helps your child with his or her work.   You can reach  Juliann Chang at 510 748-4010 ext 1721 or at

The links I have recommended are the best for parents.  Handwriting Without Tears is an outstanding program for handwriting. I have samples of materials in my classroom in portable 8, if you'd like to take a look at them and try out the magnetic blocks or magnetic boards. Charles Schwab is great for all kinds of issues for our families with children in the resource program.  Parents and educators offer on-target advice and resources.  Nightly Homework Hurdles will give you many helpful ideas so that battles every night can be lessened.