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Chaney/Myovich Class Website

To access Mrs. Chaney's and Mrs. Myovich's Website, Click HERE.

5th Grade

It's Carnival Time!!!

It's time to get ready for our end of year Carnival.

To apply for a Booth click the button above to access the Booth Application Surveyu


Technology Resources in the Classroom

Our students will be engaged in a wide variety of activities that involve the following websites.  Students will be required to access these sites quickly and know their usernames and passwords.  


Google Classroom -- Online classroom management, collaboration and project site.

NewsELA -- With many thanks to our generous PTA, the 4th and 5th Graders will be using this online resource to read articles regarding current events and history.  

Discovery Education -- Educational Video Streaming Website

FOSSWeb -- FOSS Science Curriculum Website. Access the textbook here!

Typing Web -- Online Typing Program.

Biblionasium -- Online Social Media Literacy Website.

5th Grade Locker