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  Bell Schedule

8:20-8:28 Morning Muster

Period 1: 8:28-9:22

Period 2: 9:26-10:20

Brunch: 10:20-10:26

Period 3: 10:30-11:24

Period 4: 11:28-12:22

   Lunch: 12:22-1:04

Period 5: 1:08-2:02

Period 6 2:06-3:00

   (54 minute classes)

        Record                Community          Service Hours             Online

Students can now record their community service hours by filling out this form online. Forms are sent to the school counselor, who keeps track of students' completed service hours.

6-7-8 Teachers

  Matt Geesy Teacher
  Frankey Johnson Teacher
  Caitlin Kenney Teacher
  Jenny Ku Teacher
  Scott Slez Teacher
  Nicole Solis Teacher
  Alain Valois Teacher
Innovative Plan 

Innovative Proposal


          Order                    Your Spirit Wear

Bay Farm 6-7-8

Distance Learning sites
 Click on the image above to select your Google Classrooms. Get your code from your teachers.

           We're In Our 9th year !

Middle School Information Night

 If you missed our Information Night or want more  detail, you can view our slide presentation here.      

COVID 19 Information

Since February 2020, AUSD has been compiling and publishing COVID-19 information on its website. Please see the following pages for more information:

Dolphin Tail Newsletter

dolphin tail
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    Educational Partners & Programs

21st century Learningbring your own device

         STEAMCODE in partnership with code

                         Alameda Education Foundation

  Aeries Parent              Portal

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