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2nd Grade Lessons

Second Grade Garden Lessons

2nd grade Curriculum: Garden class is all about critters. We go on bug hunts; learn about butterflies, their habitats, and make butterfly art; build worm bins and care for them; study the wonder and complexity of cute, pesky snails; and monitor the ladybug-aphid cycle.

Second grade is the year the students really want to cook. Many days I get asked "are we cooking today?" even before I hear Hello. I try to cook as often as possible, but it takes a lot of planning. All recipes must be made withing 25 minutes so the students will have time to eat what they make. It is always nice to have parent helpers to maximize the time.

students eating

One of the Second Grade State Standards covers cycles. Therefore, we have the gardeners become artists and sketch and observe one tree throughout the school year.  We choose a tree that really shows the change of seasons.  At the end of the year they compile their sketchs and make a book called, My Tree in Four Seasons.

student artwork

More Lessons to Come

Please check back, I will be adding more lessons soon. - Lorri

Leaf Owls

Owl by Sydney Hyman

The Second Grade classes make Owls out of leaves, bark, seedpods and flowers.  They were such a hit one year, that they displayed them in the school office.  Check out the lesson: Leaf Owls